Fantastic Read with Mrs. H’s Grade 3 Remote Class!!

On March 26th I had the opportunity to read my book and share in some discussions about becoming an author and writing a book with a fantastic grade 3 class. They warmed my heart with the amount of time and effort they spent preparing questions for my visit. They asked things like, how long it took to publish my book, what’s involved in writing a book, how do you decide on a title, how do you decide on who the characters are, how many have you sold, where can someone buy or sign books out to read themselves, and many more! I was also impressed that they shared their own ideas of writing and artwork, I hope to be seeing some of their creations in the near future. So, keep working hard on practicing reading and writing, but remember to make it fun and interesting to you. Thanks again for inviting me into your virtual class, it was a lot of fun!