“MISHMASH is a wonderful story with unique characters to engage children and build their imagination.  I can’t wait to see where MISHMASH and his friends go on their next adventure!”

Thanks to Julia for reviewing my book on Amazon Australia and giving it a 5-star rating!

Nephew reading MISHMASH to his little cousin.

A review by PJ at Chelmsford Public School:

Mishmash is good for aged 5-9 kids. I’m 12 and I loved the book. I love that the store is funny and cool. Mishmash is a Meatball and the friends are happy and inviting to Mishmash. The book is a fun book and I love it. I would give the book a 5 star rating.

A review by Marley & Abby at Chelmsford Public School:

Today an author came to our class named Amanda Maybee and read the book Mishmash. We would rate this book a 7.8 out of 10. In our opinion we would like it to be funnier. We really liked the pictures in the book because they were very detailed. Overall we really liked the book.

A review by Drake at Chelmsford Public School:

Today we had Amanda L Maybee come to our class and show us her book Mishmash. I thought it was a great book I really like the story line about Mishmash and all the other characters. I love the format and layout of the book as well. It’s all around a very good book and I definitely recommend it to parents because it’s a great book. I would give it a 10/10 rating.

A review from Zach & Logan at Chelmsford Public School:

Today we had Amanda L Maybee come to our school Chelmsford Public school. Also she read the book MishMash The beginning that she just released. The characters are MishMash,Dill Pickle,Ketchup and Mustard. Also the book is about adventure and exploring different natural environments. Also how did the MishMash even become a meatball?

A review from Seth & Justin from Chelmsford Public School:

We are some students from Chelmsford Public School and we have some thoughts about the book.The book is very interesting because the characters are very creative and funny and I didn’t expect the characters to be a meatball, a ketchup bottle, mustard bottle and dill pickle jar. I also love how the drawings are very creative and funny. Also when we heard how she started making the book it was inspiring because it took a lot of hard work and concentrating to make for a lot of people in the world.This is why we wrote a review about this book.

A review by Ben & Kingston from Chelmsford Public School:

Today an author came to our class and read mishmash from Amanda Maybee. It’s a book about a meatball that flew from a rocket ship to a fridge and met a ketchup bottle, a mustard bottle and dill pickles. Mishmash tries to get out of the fridge but fails, then the second a time they squished mishmash then he eats a magic drop and played a toon and turns back into a circle meatball. Finally there door open, but he didn’t want to go because he made friend’s, and they were the best. This is are review on mishmash!

A review from Sithia & Briona from Chelmsford Public School:

We think Mishmash is a good children’s book for kids 6 to 9. It is a good book for those who like adventure, cliffhangers and mysterious endings. The main character is a meatball named Mishmash and there are three supporting characters that are ketchup, mustard and dill pickles there names are Ketchup, Mustard and Dill Pickles. The characters are really fun to read about and have adorable designs.

A review from Reese from Chelmsford Public School

In my opinion the book MishMash is great for kids of ages 5-9 and is super funny. I would rate it 8.2 / 10. MishMash is a really amazing book and the author Amanda Maybee is really talented and worked really hard on the book. I really recommend this book for parents or teachers to read to their kids because it helps kids learn how to work together. Also, the illustrations are amazing as well as the vocabulary.

A review from Lilly from Chelmsford Public School: Today an author named Amanda L Maybee came into my school (CPS) and read her newly published book called, MishMasH The Beginning. This book reaches out to young children around the age of 3-10. This book is about a meat ball that gets trapped in a fridge with other food items and needs to get out to get certain ingredients so he can get better because he is clumsy and can hurt himself. If I rated the book I would give it a ⅘ because I would like more dialog and story to make a connection between the characters. If she added that I would give the book a 5/5. I recommend this book to anyone with a wide imagination.

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